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Whether you've already built a great product or business or are just getting started, a relentless focus on your customer is the key to your long term growth. From introductory or hands-on workshops to interim leadership, CustomerMatters delivers what you need when you are ready. Check out my services here or send me a message to get the ball rolling.



Each company will be at a different stage in its Customer Experience (CX) journey. Some are new to CX, while others may have several pieces of a robust CX culture and operation in place. Regardless of where you may be in your CX journey,  CustomerMatters will help you assess where you are today, where you'd like to be and the path to get there.


CustomerMatters has worked with clients in various industries including hardware, software, biotech, consumer electronics, financial services, eCommerce, and government. Because CX is a cultural mindset at its core, it transcends industries. Send me a message to get the conversation started about how to help build your CX capabilities.


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