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I've spent the last 15+ years in Silicon Valley building and leading teams at eBay, Apple, Genentech, and Sun Microsystems. Prior to my corporate career I flew rescue helicopters and ran flight operations for the Pacific area in the US Coast Guard


My experience has its foundation in the operational excellence domain, and though I love that work, my passion is Customer Experience (CX). I recently started a consultancy to help other business leaders realize the business magic embedded in delivering a delightful and memorable experience.


My services help your business create and reliably deliver a delightful, lasting experience for your target customer base.  See my full background and career history here

Steven Carleton
Founder and President
CustomerMatters, LLC
Chief Operating Officer, Global Shipping  
Head of Customer Experience
Operational Excellence
Director, Product Portfolio Planning 
Director, Capital Asset Portfolio Management
Director, Product Portfolio Planning 
GM, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse
Director, Pacific Area Aircraft Operations 
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